What To Look For When Hiring A Web Designer

Here at Digital Renovators, we would advise you to look for a firm that doesn’t plug your information into a standard pitch. Instead, takes a look at your product offerings, did some quick market research, listened to your needs and came in with a proposal that actually addresses your pain points.

They should have a heavy focus on user experience as the key differentiator in their offering.

Hire a company or designer that asks the right questions, that is inquisitive, and understands your business strategy and culture.

Look for diverse types of companies depending on what kind of partnership you’re looking for, and what kind of product that needs to be designed. Make sure they understand the technology they work with. Digital Renovators have worked with small 1-person companies to large e-commerce platforms that are nationwide.

Get personal recommendations from previous clients. Look at their live products in the wild and get a complete picture of how their follow-through is. Have most of their products been redesigned already? Have they evolved well? Are they in disrepair? Do they still accomplish their goals?

Finally, and certainly a biggie, the cost and timescale on completed sites. Digital Renovators produce sites in days not weeks and are very reasonably priced. Digital Renovators keeps costs low and don’t see the need to have flashy offices and bikes on the walls, just good quality work produced at a great price.

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