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Digital Renovators is dedicated to turning your website dreams into a reality. We have developed special processes that enable us to build a working website quickly and efficiently. We have in-depth conversations with our clients to determine exactly what they want from the beginning and proceed to meet and exceed their expectations.

Web Design Case Studies

Natural Cures Web Design

Natural Cures

Natural Cures is an e-commerce site with memberships and articles.

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Yss Screens Website

YSS Ltd.

We created a website for YSS to help improve their brand awareness.

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Elgar Shirt Screens Website

Elgar Shirts

Elgar Shirts hand make clothing inspired by historical clothing.

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GJ Sladdin Website

Sladdin Insurance

We created a professional yet friendly website for a local insurance brokers.

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Getting started with your web design project could not be easier.
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Every website we build is designed to make it as easy as possible for your clients to find the services they are looking for. They are also mobile-friendly from the very beginning, meaning you’ll be able to capture the ever-growing market of people buying services and products on the go.

We are able to meet the requirements of any client, be they local or international, and we’re available for contact through whatever method suits you.


Website Design Tips & Advice

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  • Digital Renovators

Charity TLC Commissions Digital Renovators For New Website

Calderdale-based charity, TLC, has commissioned Digital Renovators to create their new website in support of their growing online presence. TLC Chair, Peter Lister, came to Digital Renovators after seeing the amazing websites they had created for other Charities in the Halifax area and beyond. Since its foundation, TLC has been using their website for a number of years but its design and optimisation meant they were hard to find on search engines like Google. As a result of a conversation with Digital

  • Digital Renovators

Do you really need a website in 2019?

Hey, thanks for watching. Lee Kenny from digitalrenovators.com here. I hope you're well. One question I get all the time, especially from the Millennials, from the younger dude and dudettes is, do I even need a website? Can't I just use Facebook? Can't I just use a shop from there? Well, the answer is no you don't need a website. You can do everything pen and paper, meeting people, Facebook Messenger. Of course, you can do everything. The real decision

  • Digital Renovators

Hiring a Web Design Agency vs Building a Website Yourself

Hey, thanks for watching, it's Lee Kenny from Digital Renovators here. I've just come from a meeting where somebody showed me one of these online memes. Memes, me-mes, I don't know what you call them, I'm gettin' what you say a little grayer and older and it was Gene Wilder, the guy who was from I think the original Willy Wonka and it said, "Oh you do your own web design, you must have plenty of time." and it just

  • Digital Renovators

Digital Renovators Has Been Commissioned To Create New Website For Halifax Charity

Halifax-based Charity, Mothershare, has commissioned Digital Renovators to create their new website in support of their growing online presence. Mothershare founder, Emmajayne Carter, came to Digital Renovators after seeing the amazing websites they had created for other charities in the Halifax area and beyond. Since its foundation, Mothershare has been using a simple Wix website without its own domain (http://ejc933.wixsite.com/mothershare) and this meant they were hard to find on search engines like Google. As a result of a conversation with

  • Digital Renovators

Belter Launches Website Thanks to Digital Renovators

Belter is proud to launch its brand new website, created by Digital Renovators in the heart of Halifax at their offices in Croft Myl. Belter is a local brand creating high-quality handmade belts. Belter is Bob Hulme, each and every belt is handmade in his home workshop and calls back to his very first job, when he made belts in the 70s. After going through several careers, he is happy to go back to his roots and start a new

  • Digital Renovators

What Can Web Designers Learn From America’s Latest Obsession, Marie Kondo?

As you will have heard, America has a new obsession and it comes in the from the latest Netflix Original Series - Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Yes, it’s hard to imagine, but this show really has taken the nation by storm and it’s beginning to creep over to the UK. Digital Renovators, a web design agency in Halifax, explores how it relates to web design. The series is unexpected, yet familiar and Marie Kondo herself is joyful, optimistic and

  • Digital Renovators

User Interface and User Experience Trends For 2019: Part One

Every year we create blog posts about the web design trends of the year and so do the hundreds of thousands of other web design agencies in the world. However, rarely do you see agencies talk about user interface and user experience trends, despite those being the whole reason web design exists in the first place. The number one trend for modern design is context. We no longer experience the digital world through generalisations and everything we see is in

  • Digital Renovators

Creative and Unusual: The eCommerce Experiences That Are Shaping 2019

With all the templates that are available now for WordPress and Shopify, you may find yourself bored or uninspired when it comes to designing your new eCommerce website. As a website designer in Halifax, we have noticed plenty of eCommerce websites come and go and they all share the similar design patterns and it can get frustrating looking at the same designs. However, taking a look at other websites that are outside your usual viewing habits can open you up

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Can you add a blog to my website?2019-05-16T13:22:15+01:00

We can add a range of functions to our website, be it a blog, a bespoke function or a shop – we have worked on a wide range of website design projects and can cater to various needs and requirements that you may have.

We are a very flexible team of website designers, marketers and copywriters and can help you achieve your web design goals in a matter of days rather than weeks.

Can you help with content and images?2019-05-16T13:21:51+01:00

Yes! We have our own in-house copywriter who can craft your website design copy and ensure that your website really speaks to your website visitors. If you need images we are also able to source royalty free images if you are unable to provide your own.

If you have a certain website design requirement please contact us and we can discuss this and ensure that the web design process is simple and quick.

Can I manage my website?2019-05-16T13:21:25+01:00

Yes! Or to a certain degree depending on your experience. We use a platform called WordPress which is very much like the brain of your website, you will be given logins to your website and can easily add, change and delete pages and blog posts whenever you require.

We also offer full training on this. If you do not want to manage your website, for a small monthly fee, we can take care of any changes that you want to make, update the website and, if required, host your website and ensure everything is up to date, giving you total piece of mind that your website is in safe hands.

What makes a good website design?2019-05-16T13:22:46+01:00

We think every website design company should build websites that are aimed at your customers, so when working on your web project we look to see what your customers want and need from your website – what do they need to know in order to email, fill in a contact form or phone you?

We then look to provide this, after all a website is for you to show your services and/or products, build trust with visitors and get them to buy online or contact you.

So this is what we focus on when building your website, you are spending your money in order to get a return, and our professional website design company will help you do just that.

What is responsive web design?2019-05-16T13:20:08+01:00

Responsive web design simply means that a website looks great and can be easily browsed on a variety of devices (PC, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones).

Every website design agency should now be offering responsive web design as standard as you want to ensure that whatever someone is using to access your website, that they can easily view and read each and every page on your website.

How long does a website take to build?2019-05-16T13:19:35+01:00

As long as you supply images, text and the layout of the website we can get your website design project turned around in days not weeks!

We can help you get everything arranged and ensure that your website is built quickly, but correctly, so that you have a new website that allows you to grow online and increase visitors, sales and leads online.

What clients do you work with?2019-05-16T13:19:05+01:00

We work with anyone who is looking for a website! In the past we have worked with tradespeople, solicitors, ecommerce companies, beauty companies, bath bomb retailers and many many more! In fact we have built over 135 websites over the years and that number continues to grow every year.

We understand a wide range of markets and offer website design to individuals, companies, organisations and charities who need a fast turnaround time with great customer service before, during and after the project.

Is your web design agency established?2019-05-16T13:18:25+01:00

We built our very first website in 2011, however, our team has over 35 years building websites! Over the years we have now built over 135 websites and that number continues to grow each and every day – we make working with us simple and our websites are built in days, not weeks.

We also offer affordable website design so can help you whatever your budget.

Where is your website company based?2019-05-16T13:16:58+01:00

We are based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, but work with a wide range of clients throughout the UK and as far away as the USA, Canada and Australia.

If you are based locally and need to meet us just let us know a time and a place and we can set that up. If you are further away we can schedule a telephone call, skype or whatever you best feel comfortable.

Technology means that we can work with anyone in the world, so if you need a website please contact us to discuss your needs.

Do you offer small business website design?2019-05-16T13:16:20+01:00

We work with a wide range of clients, from individuals starting up to international companies, so whatever website design needs you may have, we can help. You may want a simple 5 page website to give you an online presence, or you may want an online shop to allow you to sell products.

Whatever you need all you need to do is tell us exactly what you need your website to do and we’ll offer a range of affordable website design solutions that help you get online and grow your business quickly.

We also have a great website design aftercare service and can help with a wide range of on-going services and requirements.

Do you offer affordable website design?2019-05-16T13:15:44+01:00

We offer a range of websites to suit all budgets. From one-off payments to pay monthly website design, we can help to ensure that you have a website design that will help you budget effectively whilst growing your business.

If you need to make any website changes we can help with those also, as well as website hosting and setting up your emails.

If you have a question all you need to do is ask your account manager who will get back to you quickly and ensure that we offer you a simple and affordable solution to your query.


Lee is one of the those partners you dream to work within your career! As a client of Lee, it was refreshing to collaborate with a leader like him to achieve the organization’s goals! His vision and ability to convey his ideas made execution on our end flawless.


“The website design team at Digital Renovators work closely with us to deliver high quality work on budget and most importantly on time. Great company.”


“5* service, the website designer at Digital Renovators took into account everything I wanted for my website, they were friendly and efficient. Definitely recommend.”


Lee has an incredible depth of experience in taking a product to market ( in multiple international markets simultaneously) and seeing the project through from launch to maturity. His greatest strengths include his calm and rational approach to problem solving and the relationships he builds during the journey.


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