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Is Your Website Being Held Hostage By One of These?

The backbone of any growing business and entrepreneur is the “To-do” list. Often tweaks to the website are left on the back-burner as other day-to-day priorities get in the way.

Digital Renovators, a Halifax based Website design company has been surveying 100’s of business owners and entrepreneurs regarding their experiences with Web Design and the results were fascinating.

Top 5 frustrations with Web design companies for business owners

#5 Unable to reach the original web designer or company (16%)

#4 Unhappy that design from past 2 years is outdated (23%)

#3 Time required to document and communicate changes (30%)

#2 Cost to implement changes (64%)

#1 Time taken to implement minor changes (87%)

“It’s not surprising so many business owners are frustrated when trying to make urgent changes that are needed to help them succeed online,” Said Lee Kenny, Digital Renovators Managing Director. “Often freelance designers didn’t build in future changes to their initial costs, so it’s easier to disappear than have difficult decisions with past customers”

The ad-hoc nature of making changes to your business website means it is often uneconomical to keep a web designer on the team. Most businesses simply need the odd blog post adding or a small number of text changes. Occasionally they may get stumped on a technical element, but having easy access to a web developer has often been a pipe dream or cost prohibitive for most business owners.

With this in mind, Digital Renovator has launched it’s “Helping Hand” plan for businesses who need to ensure their website is in optimal condition and up to date.

Web Designers “on call” from less than £5 a week

Starting at Just £19.99 a month, businesses can subscribe to a simple fixed monthly fee designed to cover 99% of the most common changes they may need to make to their websites. With a dedicated project manager who will take time to get to know the business, the business will also benefit from Digital Renovators inclusion within the Snowflake Media Group, a marketing and communications company based in the UK. The team will be on hand to make suggestions and help business owners maximise their results online.

A package that can grow with your business

The team at Digital renovators has built sites for multi-national ecommerce business as well as the local one-man firm and everything in between. This means that you only pay a fee that’s appropriate to the amount of activity you expect to use.

For most businesses who need to make just a few changes a month, £19.99 will be suitable, however, if you plan on making daily changes and need a firm that is on standby and can drop everything and move within the hour, then we can provide an appropriate package for you too!

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