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Hiring a Web Design Agency vs Building a Website Yourself

Hey, thanks for watching, it’s Lee Kenny from Digital Renovators here. I’ve just come from a meeting where somebody showed me one of these online memes. Memes, me-mes, I don’t know what you call them, I’m gettin’ what you say a little grayer and older and it was Gene Wilder, the guy who was from I think the original Willy Wonka and it said, “Oh you do your own web design, you must have plenty of time.” and it just made us chuckle because this particular person they don’t have enough time to run their business, I say run their business, they’re running their business fine but they don’t have time to run it as effectively as they would want to be.

In other words, there’s always more tasks left at the end of the day than there is time, and we were talking about why they should consider using an agency like Digital Renovators to build websites when, of course, you can go in and do it all yourself for free. Of course, when I say free, you still have to buy the themes, if you’re gonna pick a robust one, one that’s regularly updated because, of course, that’s what you need with security. You can buy many, many free themes but they haven’t been updated for two years, there’s a potential they’re gonna be vulnerable. So you might pay that, with VAT, you’re probably looking at 70, 80 pounds, maybe a hundred dollars if you’re over in the US.

But then you have the time, so this is the time building the website that really you could be doing other things. You could be marketing, you could be networking, you could be emailing, you could be creating social media posts, so just bear that in mind. When you’re working with an agency, obviously they are on the clock and they’re the people who will be responsible for delivering a very robust site. We also know that times change, tastes change, so it’s a good chance that once the website is up and running that you may wanna make teaks and amendments.

Again, using an agency, what we do particularly, and I don’t think a lot of agencies do this, is we video record on your website exactly how to do almost anything you would ever need to do, which means that in three weeks, three months, three years when you finally get around to making the amendments you want to, you have a professional set of guidelines so that you don’t end up with a bit of a dog’s dinner of a website. And the prices these days are much, much lower. The days of paying two and a half, three and a half, four and a half thousand pounds for a five or a six page web site are long gone.

So just be careful with your time, we’re here to help, there’s lots of great agencies around the UK that can help as well. But just beware of this false economy of trying to do things on the cheap when really you wanna put your best foot forward. The website will hopefully be a heck of a lot more professional and of course that’s gonna build your credibility in the market. But yeah, go ahead, if there’s any comments, questions, post ’em below. I would love to hear from you.

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