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Unique Web Design You Will Fall in Love With (Pt. 2)

We had a great response to our article last month about unique web design, so we thought we’d share some more great examples we have come across over the past few weeks. At Digital Renovators, we are always looking for inspiration and this means scouring the deepest parts of the web for some truly amazing website designs.

We discussed what is considered unique web design in last month’s article, so let’s have a quick recap before we get into these amazing designs…

A unique website design will make you sit back for a moment and gasp at how interesting it looks. Maybe it’s so stunning that you send it to your friends or show your co-workers. For a website’s design to be unique it has to have that “wow factor” that makes it instantly shareable and that is exactly what we want to show you today. Some of the examples are flips on the standard formula and others are just plain gorgeous to look at.

Now, onto the designs…



Buildonauts is a Hong Kong-based digital agency that specialises in web development, design and marketing. Their website involves taking a journey in a rocket as the thrusters come away and it takes flight through everything that Buildonauts can do for businesses. This goes beyond just web design and creates a unique experience for anyone who visits it and you’re sure not to forget it anytime soon. The space theme continues throughout their website and fills a business with the confidence that the company can back up what they are saying on their website with a real world example of great web design.

Martian Flag Assembly


The Martian Flag Assembly is an exhibition that will be hosted in Copenhagen and their website is something to behold. Our collective interest in Mars has grown massively over the past decade and according to the website, we will be stepping foot on the red planet in the next decade. The exhibition will feature proposed flags to be planted on Mars when we land. It features some exceptionally coded animation that perfectly advertises the event while peaking your interest with some incredible designs.

Daniel Spatzek


Daniel Spatzek is an all round design creative, doing everything from websites to print media. His portfolio is just as impressive as his resume and features an amazing typographic effect where the project titles are split by a grid that divides the page. This is something we’ve never seen before in our journey across the internet and really helps the website to standout from its competitors and shows of what Daniel can achieve for a potential customers website.

Madina Visconti


Madina Visconti is an artists from Milan and her website is a work of art in itself. It features a bi-directional scroll which is quite trippy at first, as it is completely unexpected but you find yourself enjoying this design language very much. She has also gone for a range of soft greens to represent the elements of nature that she tries to include within her work, as oppose to going for stark white minimalism that we see with a lot of artists websites. It’s really quite refreshing and provides an element of intrigue that you don’t come across too often.

Julie Cristobal


Julie Cristobal is a fashion stylist based in Paris and her minimalist website comes alive thanks to some amazing animation and an ever-changing background colour that reflects the shoot that the user has their mouse hovering over. This creates a collage of the incredible work she has done and certainly makes for an entertaining portfolio. She has worked with some of the top fashion brands and they are displayed perfectly through her website, adding another layer to the work she has completed for those clients.

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