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Triple Your Facebook Business Page Reach

If you have a Facebook page for your business, you will have noticed that the amount of people who see your posts has gone down dramatically over the past few months. As Facebook increases in popularity, it is estimated that the average person would receive 1500 updates on to their timeline if Facebook did not take action to filter what you see. A lot of businesses think it’s now too hard to reach people, which gives you a great advantage. If you just take these few steps, you’ll notice a marked improvement in how many people you reach.

We, We, We… Not Me, Me, Me.

Facebook is a “social” network. Don’t be like a one-way radio only talking about yourself. Those pages that ask questions, interact with their fans and provide really great content are the ones least affected by changes in Facebook policy. As a general rule, around 10-15% of your updates should be sales or product related, 85-90% should be interesting, engaging and topical.

How often should I post updates?

Timing and frequency are extremely important. Most businesses should post 2-3 times per day which can be daunting. However, with planning and using the scheduling function on Facebook, you can spend more time engaging with fans rather than writing updates. Make good use of the Facebook Insights area to see what times your page’s followers are online and test, test, test.

Friends & family have to go!

Remember when you first launched the page and asked all your friends and family to like your page, even though they never like or share anything you post? Well now they could be hurting your reach, so you may need to bite the bullet and ask them to unlike the page so your posts reach more people.

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