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Use Psychological Tricks for a More Effective Website

Making your website more effective is a problem that a lot of businesses commonly face and it can be difficult to work out on your own. However, what if you could use psychological tricks to influence the behaviour of your visitors and generate more sales for your business?

Digital Renovators would like to show you six tricks that you can use right now to make your business’ website more effective. These tricks will help you to generate more leads for your business by creating subconscious connections in your visitor’s minds.

6 Psychological Tricks You Can Use to Increase Your Website’s Effectiveness

These psychological tricks all take just a few minutes to action but can have a big impact on the effectiveness of your business’ website.

  1. Scarcity

This builds on a customer’s desire to have something that is rare or limited. You can create time limited offers and show limited stock numbers available to create urgency in a customer and influence them to make a purchase.

  1. Commitment

This is your where customers make a commitment to your business because you will deliver on a promise. It can be achieved by using a 2-step opt-in form that has minimal steps, so they will join. You should start with a low-commitment foot-in-the-door offer like providing tips in exchange for an email address.

  1. Consensus

People are more comfortable doing something if they can see other people have done it and enjoyed it. You can achieve this by adding social proof like testimonials, social signals and how many other people are using a service/product that you provide.

  1. Reciprocity

This is the desire to give back to somebody that has given you something of value. To achieve this, you need to provide useful information for free that will enable your customers to shop smarter and they’ll be more likely to come back.

  1. Liking

This builds on people’s desire to buy from someone they like and trust. You can increase the likeability of your company by including images of the people that work in your company. You should use personable and relatable language in your copy and direct it towards the reader instead of generalised advice.

  1. Authority

People love to follow experts, so you should make your qualifications prominent on your website. This includes citing media features, endorsements, academic qualifications and industrial associations you belong to.

These are just a few simple tricks you can use to make your website more effective and generate more sales for your business. If you would like to speak to us about more things you can do to generate sales for your business, please call 01422 646060, email or fill in the contact form.


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