Water Rooms

Run by father and son duo John and Jason, Water Rooms are masters in the field of bathroom renovation. They offer design and fitting services to match exactly what their clients are searching for. Their carefully curated and personalised products, along with their expertise in installation, make for a well-rounded home improvement experience for their customers. The team has over 20 years of experience in the business, so they offer equal parts skill and heart. Water Rooms also pride themselves on carrying the best of the best and treating their customers right. They came to us wanting a new and improved website that would communicate those core goals clearly to users. The aim was to create a website that represented their vision, in a format that would inspire prospective remodelers to choose them for their bathroom needs.

The products themselves are undoubtedly sleek and refined in design, so the website had to match that aesthetic. The end result is a clean and responsive platform that gives a sense of the cool professionalism Water Rooms are known for. Much like the bathroom fittings themselves, we worked together to create a functional piece of art; something that serves its intended purpose well, while also pleasing the eye. The virtual showroom on the website showcases examples of the products through striking photography, emphasising the beauty of bespoke construction. We set out to accentuate the excellent work that Waterrooms do through our website design story, and in the end, they were very pleased with what we were able to accomplish!