Queens Sports Club

Queens Sports Club is a premier sports club in Halifax. It has a long history of providing high quality services, dating back to 1887, when the club first opened its doors to the public. Exceptional tennis and squash facilities are onsite, which is a major draw for many of their core audience. They offer a superb overall experience, which includes a gym, a bar where they hold quizzes and other activities, a sauna, and various personal trainers that help elevate training to the next level.

They needed a website that mirrored their history and legitimacy within the community, while simultaneously providing a fresh face for the brand. They came to us with many years of business experience behind them, keenly aware of how important it is to innovate as a brand as the world becomes more and more accustomed to a robust digital diet.

Considering this, we knew we needed to make a website with a sleek professional design, that was incredibly user friendly. It needed to be visually elegant, and also straightforward. The homepage directs your eye straight to the “Book now” option, which is a feature that needs to be front and center for utmost convenience.

Queens Sports Club were thrilled with what we created for them!