Perpetual Watch Services

In 2021, Digital Renovators were approached by Perpetual Watch Services in Manchester to revamp their existing website. Like many customers, they had a website done a fair few years ago and it served them well. However, it was looking a bit out of date in terms of design and needed a bit of a facelift.

Enter Digital Renovators.

The customer was happy with the wording on the site – this was purely a design revamp job to better reflect the company’s awesome service for high-end watches and make for a better all-around customer experience. The Digital Renovators team first identified what would make a great customer experience. The answer was simple – the contact forms on the current website needed 2 simple tweaks. They needed the ability to upload a photo of their watch and add the serial number. This would ensure our customer’s staff could better serve their customers and get through enquiries in half the time. Once we had the design brief, it was all hands on deck to produce a stunning high-end website.