MPB Tax Associates

In 2020, Digital Renovators were approached by MPB Tax Associates to set up a brand new website for their business. The customer needed something that was simple yet conveyed the global aspect of their operations.

This was a perfect project for our Starter Site Package. The customer picked from 1 of our 7 pre-designed templates and then gave us the brief for imagery and copywriting. The Digital Renovators team were meticulous in ensuring that the images conveyed the correct look and feel for MPB Tax Associates. Our copywriters did hours of research in order to ensure the website was accurate yet simple enough for people to understand (this was a tax website after all!) The result was this website which MPB Tax Associates are proud to show off.

It just goes to show that even if your business is complicated (like MPB’s ex-pat tax services), you can always find a simple yet elegant way to display it online. That’s why the Starter Sites are so popular.