Kyra Fraga

It’s always a pleasure when Digital Renovators is able to help someone achieve their dream. Kyra Fraga approached us in 2020 to help them launch the website for the dream business. By their own admission, the customer wasn’t very tech-savvy but wanted to set up their own e-commerce website.

This of course was no problem for the Digital Renovators team. We assigned the customer a project manager who was able to eplain all parts of the process for creating an ecommerce website.

The Digital Renovators team walked the customer through every step of the journey. We managed to get their website up and running within 1 week! Needless to say, the customer was delighted and gave us a 5* Trustpilot review! More than that, Digital Renovators were delighted that we were able t help someone on their journey to achieving their dreams.