Kind Coffee

Kind coffee is a company with 20 years of experience in the coffee industry under their belt. As their name suggests, they infuse kindness into every aspect of their product and business practices. Every step of the journey that their coffee takes, (from bean to cup,) is ethically and sustainably minded. They are passionate about protecting the local environment of the farms they work with, and demonstrating an environmentally conscious attitude, which even trickles all the way down to their recyclable packaging. They care about who they sell to, but they also care about their growers. Fair prices and wages are important to them. 

All around, the company ethos is one of empathy, accountability, and providing their target audience with an incredible product. The 20 years of experience they have behind them culminates in an expert grasp of coffee-making, which is how they are able to create a product that stands out in the market. Overall, the brand and its design is no nonsense. They needed a website that married their inspiring dedication to contentious business practices, with their high-quality coffee, all under the umbrella of their uncluttered brand design.

The visual story of the website needed to be clean and no fuss, with a little whimsy to grab the attention of the viewer.

We created a website that reflected their ideals and showcased the product with no extra fluff. The team at Kind Coffee thought that the site struck the balance perfectly, and were incredibly pleased with the outcome!