Heed Skincare

Heed Skincare is a company specialising in skincare for bald heads. With a steadfast, clear message behind them, they came to us needing a new e-commerce website that was just as bold as they were. 

As a business, Heed Skincare is all about appreciating and taking care of bald heads. The bread and butter of their brand identity is being proud of baldness. The website they were after needed to appropriately showcase that, ensuring potential customers were receiving the brand message effectively. They needed a frictionless platform for not only selling their products, but showcasing their blog, and telling their history. The skincare products needed to be part of a bigger narrative.

What we created for them was a site that is simple to navigate, making the user experience pleasant and intuitive. We wanted to focus on creating ease of use, which in turn would encourage future repeat purchases. 

We wanted the homepage to be clean, but striking. The same muted olive green that Heed Skincare uses on their packaging served as the color palette, for cohesiveness. The product is at center stage, and so is a glorious bald head. The layout is finished off by the proclamation: “Skincare for bald heads” which draws the eye in and makes immediately clear who the product is aimed towards. 

Heed skincare loved their new website and how it reflected their brand story!