Cycle Britain

In 2020, Snowflake Media Group were approached by Alan Little (Peak Outdoors Training), to discuss an exciting brand he was launching to upgrade his business and cycle tours.  Alan was already a client of Digital Renovators maintaining his existing website. 

Following an initial briefing, our talented design team set to work to create an energetic and vibrant brand and website design that proudly flew the flag for Britain’s stunning landscape and positioned Cycle Britain as the leading independent cycling tour specialist in Britain.

Founder & Tour Director, Alan said, “We’ve been exploring Britain on our bikes for over 40 years and believe that travelling by bike is the only way to truly experience everything that Britain has to offer. The people, culture and environment are so diverse and can be only be experienced and enjoyed on our cycling tours.”

“I must say that the design and website team have all been amazing in helping me get started. Danny and Haroon have been outstanding and amazing members of the team.  Tim has been an absolute legend creating branding and design work to an excellent standard.  You have all given me the best chance with an outstanding branding and website.  It is very much appreciated.  We will have a long and successful partnership.” 

Alan Little, Founder and Tour Director, Cycle Britain Ltd