Cut Price Barry’s

Cut Price Barry’s are a Halifax based online retail store, specialising in food products sold at competitively low prices. They operate out of a large warehouse in the local area, and have a wide breadth of products on offer. As Cut Price Barry primarily does it’s business online, the website they needed would be the base of their whole operation. Considering this, it needed to work well and look good. 

They came to use with a vision for an ecommerce website that prioritises the customer journey, from browsing to purchase. The easier it was to use, the more likely their target customer base would reach for them over any other online retailer. 

We created a website for them that showcased their products within an intuitive design structure, while also highlighting their brand identity. What makes them unique in the industry is what keeps customers coming back for more, and we delivered a platform that helped them stand out in the crowd. By including featured products and specials on the homepage, the website grabs the user’s attention, and demonstrates the fact that Cut Price Barry’s products and prices are unique within the market.

The team at Cut Price Barry’s received their website and ran with it! They were incredibly happy with the results, as it perfectly suited the company’s future goals.