Confession Coach

Every so often as a web design company, you come across a unique business idea. Confession Coach was one of those instances! We were approached by the Confession Coach founder to build a website that would allow them to help people talk. Mental health awareness is a huge focus globally right now and this business wanted to do its bit.

The website was to be a 1 page scrolling site. It was to build trust and encourage people to book a confidential session with Confession Coach to talk about anything that was weighing heavy on their minds. Our approach was to humanise the brand. People buy from people, not logos. Therefore it was important to showcase the founder on the site not only in picture form – but video as well! Video is a great way to build trust – it’s the next best thing than face-to-face.

Our secondary aim was to design the website in a way where the information flowed well. Remember, this was a one-page site (with a lot of information!). Therefore we had to be smart in how we broke up the content to allow the user to consume the content more easily.

Something on your mind? You might need a session with the Confession Coach.