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Mistakes To Avoid When Starting eCommerce

As a web design company in Halifax, we recommend you do a few things before launching your eCommerce website that you need to consider to make sure everything is optimised for user experience, reachability and future proofing.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid when building your eCommerce website.

  • Long, confusing domain name
  • No logo
  • Lack of research
  • Lack of business plan
  • No focus on SEO
  • Limited budget
  • Focusing on too many things
  • Not serving customer interest
  • Dealing verbally with clients
  • Running a contest without a plan
  • Not taking content marketing seriously
  • Ignoring influencer marketing
  • Sticking to traditional marketing
  • Not thinking through shipping costs
  • Not making your website responsive
  • Poor load speed
  • Not enough product information
  • Choosing the wrong platform

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