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Halifax Web Agency Announces Support for WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg

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Last week, WordPress finally released its much anticipated 5.0 build which came with the new Gutenberg editor and several other new features. Digital Renovators, a Halifax-based web design agency has announced its support for the new build and will be developing future websites within it.

Gutenberg combines the classic text editor you’ve come to know and love in WordPress with some of the integration and block-building features of the likes of Visual Composer and WP Bakery. The collection of default blocks allows you to embed content from a range of sources and social networks.

With the classic editor, it was potluck whether something would be able to integrate but this gives you an outline straight out of the box, so no time is wasted while building posts. This includes some much requested additional support that previously required the use of third-party plugins.

Before the WordPress 5.0 release, 1.2 million active installs of Gutenberg and this early release allowed the developers at Digital Renovators to gain a mastery of its inner workings to provide you with the knowledge required.

For designers and developers, this is great news as the creation of themes has become slightly easier, allowing for development time to be spent on providing a better user experience.

Staying ahead of the curve is always the company’s aim and they have made several innovations in the past, including evergreen websites where you pay a monthly fee and have a website forever. This includes a free website redesigned every 18 months, a deal that won’t be found with any other web design agency.

Digital Renovators is a web design agency founded in Halifax with one goal… delivering excellent websites in days not weeks. In the past, building a new website to capitalise on your big idea, whether in-house or via freelancers, seemed to always take forever and be over budget or be subject to compromising what you actually wanted.

The challenge is knowing where to start. It’s one thing to start a website, it’s quite another to actually make money from your website. This is why Digital Renovators decided to do something about it. We improve and build websites to become more profitable, seeing results in just a couple of months.

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