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Five Reasons You Should Consider a Website Redesign

It can be hard to tell when your website needs to be redesigned. Maybe it’s not converting as many customers as it used to or your website lacks mobile functionality. Well, we’re here to show you five reasons why your website might require a redesign.

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Your Website Looks Outdated

Do you still have flash images on your website? And is your blog riddled with amateur graphics? These might be just a couple of the things that turn customers away from your business. As you will know, trends in any design area change every few years and if your website has had the same look for several years, it may be time for an upgrade. With new emerging technologies and trends in website design, your business could be left in the dust.

Your Website Lacks Mobile Functionality

Nowadays, any good website needs to have a responsive design that compliments mobile viewing as 49.7% of all website views come from smartphones and tablets rather than laptops or desktops. Is your website optimised for mobile functionality? You are probably losing thousands of customers every year because you don’t have a mobile version of your website and this turns away website visitors.

Your Website Loads Slowly

Maybe some elements of your current website design are slowing down the loading time of your pages. Whether this be plugins that need updating or out of date coding. Your website should ideally take no longer than two seconds to load and be completely function from when a user clicks on your website. According to a recent online marketing survey, over 53% of online users can’t wait more than two seconds for a website to load.

Your Website Creates a Poor User Experience

The experience of users on your website is a very important element in its success or failure. If your website’s features don’t work or are too confusing to navigate, then you could be driving visitors away. One aspect that separates good web design from poor web design is your visitor’s ability to easily navigate your website without being confused. The longer it takes for users to find what they’re looking for on your website, the less likely it is that they will return in the future.

Your Website Isn’t Converting Visitors into Leads

The reason that anyone sets up an online business is to make money from their website and drive more leads t their business. Your website should be a tool that is helping your business grow and generate more income. However, if your current website isn’t converting visitors into sales or leads, then it could be the design that is causing a problem. You’ll need to take a deep look at specific metrics for your website and plan out a new design that will be more aligned with your business’ current goals and objectives. Maybe your re-design should incorporate better calls to action across every page so you can take full advantage of your website’s real estate.

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