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Is this £39 Evergreen Website The Future?

Today Digital Renovators, a Halifax Website Design company launches its “Evergreen” Website design package to help support the areas start-ups and new business community.

Until now, developing a great website for your business with a “normal” agency could cost in the region of £1500 to £3000. Even if you have this type of start-up capital, you often find that due to the ever-changing technology scene that you need a new site in just 18 months, along with a hefty bill.

Digital Renovators is synonymous with great value after creating a process that reduced web development time by more than 50% and thus creating the same quality websites for a fraction of the typical price. This time, we have decided to go one step further and solve the key problems that most new and growing businesses have.

Evergreen Package from Digital Renovators

For one fixed, low monthly fee business owners will get the following:

  • A new or overhauled website every 18 months
  • Free Website & email hosting – Valued at £120 per year
  • Free SSL certificate to keep your site and customer safe Valued at £75 per year
  • Free website backups so you never lose your website or data… even if hacked!
  • A dedicated account manager based in the UK

Valued at over £1500, prices start at just £39 per month which should be well within most business’s budgets.

Crucially the Evergreen package customer will never receive a large “one-off” bill to create or overhaul a website.

Technology that business owners can use

“Web designers can be a funny bunch,” said Digital Renovators Managing Director Lee Kenny. “They sometimes like to keep 100% control which means that minor changes from past clients often get pushed to the bottom of the list while they focus on new customers. The technology we use means we fully train the customer on how to make 90% of all the possible changes they’d ever need to make. Things, like changing a little wording or switching an image, can be done in minutes by the customer no matter the time of day or week!”

Providing daily backups means that if a customer should accidentally press the “self-destruct” button, we can just reinstate the site back to its previous version within the hour!

Not exclusively for those looking for web designers in Halifax

While it’s true that Digital Renovators is one of the leading website design companies in Halifax, we serve clients all over the UK, US, Canada, Australia and even throughout Europe.

Designed for startups, Great for anyone

“While we designed this for the entrepreneur who is just starting out with limited funds, we do envisage that this is a model that will also appeal to established businesses. Almost every company has some form of “cloud-based” or recurring service these days, just like Microsoft office. Spreading the web development and update costs to a fixed guaranteed monthly basis takes the pressure off those difficult discussions on “unbudgeted Web fixes” that often happen

For a specific quote based upon the size of your website, please contact us at Info@digitalrenovators.comand we’ll be happy to help you with a fast quote and timeline for your new website.

For a very small sampling of recent websites produced, please visit our case studies section

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