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Do you really need a website in 2019?

Hey, thanks for watching. Lee Kenny from here. I hope you’re well. One question I get all the time, especially from the Millennials, from the younger dude and dudettes is, do I even need a website? Can’t I just use Facebook? Can’t I just use a shop from there?

Well, the answer is no you don’t need a website. You can do everything pen and paper, meeting people, Facebook Messenger. Of course, you can do everything. The real decision comes down to, where’s you audience? If your audience is only on Facebook– And I had a chap yesterday.

We do some work for an organization in America. And one of the team was saying, I’ve sent some emails to this new client to onboard them, and they’re just not picking them up. And it was like, ah, okay. Well, that’s unusual. They’re highly engaged in the product, that we can see that they’re engaging with the product, but they’re not replying to communications from HQ. Turns out the chap really just prefers to communicate via Facebook Messenger and Snap Chat. So again, it’s a case of what their customers are wanting and how they communicate. So, three emails un-replied to over a week versus a quick Facebook Messenger and a dialog happening within seconds.

So, it’s about where your customers are. I have to say though, that unless you are super Millennial, and that the website– And even then, the vast majority of people are gonna wanna transact and look around a website. So, we think you certainly need one. Obviously, we’re biased. We are a web development firm.

However, consider your audience. These days, you can start with a Facebook shop. You can then move to something like a Shopify, or a WordPress site, so many different options. And of course, the investment required is quite low these days. So, do you need a website? I would say 90% of you is gonna be a big fat yes. 10%, probably not, but keep going. If you have any questions, pop ’em down below.

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