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Buy your new website with Bitcoin: In the news

Digital Renovators, leading UK-Based Website design agency announces decision to accept cryptocurrency in return for web design and marketing services for businesses around the world.

It is believed that the decision by Digital renovators to accept bitcoin for web design, makes it one of the first web design agencies to do so. The Halifax Courier newspaper, part of the Johnston Press Group, picked up this story and published a full background this week. You can read the article online here: 

The company will also be accepting other forms of digital currency in a move that confirms it’s place as a web design company that is open to International business. Already serving clients in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada & The USA, the acceptance of cryptocurrency will remove the trade and banking barriers allowing customers to pay for their site at the click of a button without exorbitant banking fees or unfair exchange rate conversions.

“We will of course still be accepting credit cards, bank transfers and worldwide currencies of course” said Lee Kenny, Managing Director of Digital Renovators “The addition of these digital currency payment options simply allows us to move with the times and indicates our commitment to being different in the market place”

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