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Belter Launches Website Thanks to Digital Renovators

Belter is proud to launch its brand new website, created by Digital Renovators in the heart of Halifax at their offices in Croft Myl.

Belter is a local brand creating high-quality handmade belts. Belter is Bob Hulme, each and every belt is handmade in his home workshop and calls back to his very first job, when he made belts in the 70s. After going through several careers, he is happy to go back to his roots and start a new stage in his life with his own brand.

Bob Hulme, owner of Belter, said, “This is a new venture that is also a throwback to something I did nearly 30 years ago so it’s an old school taking on a new lease of life. Looking forward to my new mission in life which is to keep the nations trousers up. Big thanks to Digital renovators for helping to set up and create my website. Every time I met with the staff, they were very friendly and always provided me a lovely cup of tea.”

Digital Renovators loves to work with growing local businesses as it makes everyone prosper and growing together is the most important thing for the local community. Managing Director, Lee Kenny, is involved in the Calderdale Community Foundation and is a key figure in the local community. He champions local causes and is very keen to support anyone who shares the entrepreneurial spirit that has allowed him to own several of his own businesses.

Speaking on the new website build, Lee Kenny said, “We’re really pleased to be working with a local company who makes a quality product and we are looking forward to supporting a company that is exporting its product across Calderdale and beyond.”

Digital Renovators is a web design agency founded in Halifax with one goal… delivering excellent websites in days not weeks. In the past, building a new website to capitalise on your big idea, whether in-house or via freelancers, seemed to always take forever and be over budget or be subject to compromising what you actually wanted.

The challenge is knowing where to start. It’s one thing to start a website, it’s quite another to actually make money from your website. This is why Digital Renovators decided to do something about it. We improve and build websites to become more profitable, seeing results in just a couple of months.

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