Lockdown 3

Why Lockdown 3 Is The PERFECT Time To Do Your Website

At the time of writing, the UK finds itself in national lockdown (Lockdown 3). Once again, business owners are faced with the challenges that come with a Lockdown. At Digital Renovators, we like to look for the positive in everything. Having spoken to a number of our clients during Lockdown 3, it seems the positivity is ever-present. this post is not based on opinion, it is based on the conversations I’ve personally had with business owners all across the UK and why Lockdown 3 is the perfect time to sort out your website.

Lockdown Gives Me Time To Think

If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard this over the last 10 months. Business owners particularly have noticed the difference a lockdown makes on the amount of traffic that hits their phone. Quite often MD’s will say to me things like, “I’m loving Lockdown! I finally have space to think and gather my thoughts without my phone pinging every 2 seconds with notifications.”

What a positive way of looking at things!

Personally, I’ve also found that Lockdown has given me one thing that I wasn’t afforded before – space. In this digital world full of notifications, space (quiet time) is worth more than gold.

Funnily enough, during Lockdown 1 (March 2020), I read the book ‘Deep Focus’ by Cal Newport which talks extensively about how to eliminate digital distractions. It’s a great read (and I’m sure you’ll thank me later!)

Deep Work – Cal Newport

Lockdown Has Allowed Me To Finally Get To Things

Another thing I hear often from our customers, “We’re closed now and I find myself with all this free time. Rather than sitting around watching Netflix, I wanted to get round to doing the stuff that I’ve been meaning to do for ages.”

As the Director of a website company, you can imagine how many times I hear this. The website is often something that people know is important, but for some reason never get round to actually doing it. I suppose it’s quit e alot like other important things in our lives – exercising, reading more, meditating etc.

Well, each Lockdown has seen our phones ringing off the hook with excited customers who are in ‘Get Things Done’ mode. You know what? When they come to us, it gets done. Lockdown is the perfect opportunity for you to finally sort your website out.

For some it’s a simple website that thet need for a side hustle or a startup business (we often recommend our Starter Sites package for this). For others, they have an existing website but it looks old and tired (for which we recommend our Facelifft Package). Others have chosen to take the plunge and start up their own eCommerce website. (No prizes for guessing that we offer them the eCommerce package).

But How Will I Pay For My Website?

If you watch this video, Italk about how a few of our customer did something genius! Rather than saying they don’t have the money to pay for their website, they applied for a COVID Government Grant!

Why is this genius? Because these customers got someone else to pay for their brand new shiny website (in the middle of a lockdown!) When most are saying they won’t pursue their new website design, these guys thought outside the box and are now rocking and rolling.

So there you have it. 3 really compelling reasons for you to finally getting round to sorting out your website in Lockdown 3. If you fancy having a chat about your website then you can always contact us for a friendly chat.

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