Web Design For Charities

At Digital Renovators, we are fortunate enough to work with companies all over the world and in every industry imaginable, but charities have a special place in our hearts. So much so that we have created a showcase of the charities we have worked alongside over the past couple of years and what we achieved for the with their new website.

Our Charity Web Design Work

Digital Renovators started out designing websites for local companies before being approached to work on a charity’s website. We were very much interested to support them and help get their message out to the world. This has lead us to receive requests from other local charities and even pursue web design work with them nationwide.

In this pursuit, we developed a strategy for web design for charity and worked out a way for us to support charity organisations by providing them with an efficient, cost-effective charity website design. This worked incredibly and as our processes have developed, we have been able to offer more cost-effective solutions for charity web design.

Creative Recovery

Creative Recovery wanted to launch a new website to match the change in their aesthetic and bring them a new modern style as the charity progresses.

We knew exactly what to do to ensure the charity’s creative mission was reflected in their website. The web development team went with a design that showcases stunning visuals and an aesthetic style that matched the creativity that Creative Recovery brings to life.

Creative Recovery creates incredible visual art pieces for charity events across the whole of  Yorkshire. Their project The Spaces Between is a search for collaborators to showcase the amazing work they do in the name of charity with street art, live performances and installations across Barnsley town centre.

Beyond Charity Web Design Work

We are proud to be based in the wonderful town of Halifax and favour working with local businesses and charity organisations that do something positive, helpful and constructive. From Creative Recovery who creates incredible art pieces to support charity events to Andy’s Man Club who create safe spaces for men to talk about their mental health issues and help them get the support they need. We are very much focused on creating cost-effective, supported website development for these fantastic organisations across Calderdale.

Halifax has a thriving community of businesses and charity organisations who want to grow together and the support we see between them is incredible. So even when we’re working with companies who may not seem like charity organisations, we know they are spreading goodwill and supporting the community.

One of the most rewarding parts of doing web design for charity, not-for-profit and social enterprise organisations is that we get to work with some of the most enthusiastic and dedicated people you’ll ever meet and they are making a real difference to the world.

Memory Lane Cafe

Memory Lane Cafe came to us as they are were looking to establish their online presence with a brand new website that reflected the personality of the organisation.

We established a map of all the content they wanted to appear on their website and the existing branding they had, to make the irl and online experience seamless. Our team successfully matched this perfectly and the founders of Memory Lane Cafe were very pleased with the results.

Memory Lane Cafe Calderdale is a voluntary community group which runs dementia-friendly cafes in Sowerby Bridge and Halifax and promotes dementia-friendliness in our communities. The group was the inspiration of June Harvey who identified the need for a dementia-friendly meeting-place in Sowerby Bridge and, crucially, at weekends (when few other options are available).

High-Quality Charity Web Design

At Digital Renovators, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality website possible for your business or charity and our in-house team has yet to disappoint a client with its work. We have worked with a diverse selection of companies, charities and other organisations which has allowed us to gain significant knowledge in what works for different industries and audiences. When we design your website, we do research into what other similar organisations are doing with their website and what the trends for the industry.

Barrhaven Food Cupboard

Barrhaven Food Cupboard is one of our international clients, coming to us from an affiliate in Ottawa, Canada. Their website needed a full redesign and we were happy to step in and help.

Their aim is to get more people to volunteer for their events and donate the food so they can help more families who are in need. This meant we had to choose colours and a layout that lends itself to achieving this goal for them. We decided to go with a green colour that helped the information stand out in a contrasting white.

Originally we were part of the Family Services Association of Churches (FAMSAC) food bank that was founded in 1969 in Bells Corners. In 1993, the Barrhaven United Church set up a separate food depot as an outreach activity when the church was built on Jockvale Rd.