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Web Agency Confessions – Who Said Websites Should Take Months?

“Who said websites should take months to deliver?” said Snowflake Media Group CEO, Lee Kenny as he told me why he set up the Halifax web agency, Digital Renovators.

I was blown away by this question.

Who actually said that? Why have we accepted this as a sort of natural law?

Most people think that a stunning website design needs to take months and cost the earth. But that’s simply not the case.

I often say to the Digital Renovators team, “We don’t sell websites. We sell speed and outstanding customer service.”

At the time of writing, Digital Renovators have done over 300 websites globally, achieved an excellent TrustPilot score and managed to deliver countless Starter Websites (5 pages or under) in as little as 2 days.


Why isn’t every web agency doing this?

It’s not because they can’t; it’s because they don’t believe in the same thing as we do (and that’s totally fine!) We just do things a little differently.

What Does The Digital Renovators Web Agency Believe?

We believe that stunning websites should take days, not months. We believe that customer service is the most important thing when doing web design. Like I said before, we sell speed and outstanding customer service.

This belief affects everything we do. That’s why we focus on having a solid operations process, a fantastic team with various skill sets. Everything is set up to allow us to try and give our customers a fantastic product in the least time possible – from calls to quotes to customer service tickets.

Now, every web agency will have their belief; some will focus on design, certain platforms or software etc. That’s totally fine. I’m not saying every web agency needs to do websites in 2 days like us.

I’m just posing the same question that Lee posed to me, “Who said websites should take months?”

There will be some people who say they don’t want their website to take 2 days; they’d rather spend time on it – again that’s totally fine.

What Our Customers Care About

What I have found is that our customers care about our customer service first and the design second.

Did you read that?

Most of our customers hold our customer service higher than the actual web design! You only have to read our reviews to see that the majority of what people write is about the service. To be clear, that’s not to say our work is sub-par design. Quite the contrary! Our customers love our website design! They have a stunning website that they’re proud to show off – but they got it in days, not months.

That’s the Wow Factor!

Our customers often ask us, “How can a web agency give me such a brilliantly-designed website in so little time?”

Simple – it’s what we believe.

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