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These Web Design Trends Will Help You to Impress in 2019

Everyone wants to have an impressive website to show off their business to current and potential customers. Within a web design agency, your website is considered to be your online business card and if it doesn’t make a good impression you’re unlikely to gain customers. That’s why it’s important to keep on top of current and emerging trends to ensure your website looks the best it can possibly look.

Today, we are going to briefly look at 12 web design trends that are guaranteed to impress your website visitors and should help you generate more sales. Some of the things we will look at include: open composition, asymmetry, minimalism, experimental scrolling, hidden navigation, modular layouts, rich typography, advanced animation, drop shadows, multimedia elements, 3D models and jazzy colours.

Open Composition

Open composition gives users the impression that your site goes beyond the edges of the screen it is being viewed on. By removing the constraints and frames from your website design, you create a dynamic layout that is appealing to visitors.


Asymmetry creates a website layout that is more alive, dynamic and attention-grabbing because the left and right sides don’t mirror each other. You can create a well-balanced layout with a clever mix of image & text, image & space, colour choices and foreground & background items.


 Minimalism will never go out of style as it is a widely used design choice in the modern world. Creating a website layout that is well-balanced with plenty of negative space pulls focus towards the content and looks stunning when done correctly.

Experimental Scrolling

Website visitors love unique navigation patterns and they are the perfect tool to help you to engage with your visitors, especially if your website is low on content. However, you shouldn’t go too far, your website should be intuitive enough for your visitors to interact with them easily.

Hidden Navigation

Hiding your navigation can provide more space for your content as it clears up the screen. This works best if your audience is tech-savvy as they will be able to recognise a hidden menu instantly, while average users will recognise the three lines hiding the menu.

Modular Layouts

If your website has lots of information it can be ideal to use a modular layout as this will help you to organise the content easily. This will enhance the usability, avoid chaos and allow users to easily find the information they are looking for without being lost in a mess.

Rich Typography

You will probably have noticed the trend for using over-sized, animated, geometric and hand-rendered typography that has been taking centre-stage in the design world today. They are a bold and powerful, especially when contrasting typefaces are paired together and their position and colours are played with. The mix creates an unusual visual hierarchy that you can’t help but stare at.

Advanced Animation

Advanced animation can help to enrich the layout of your websites and increase your storytelling ability and interactions with your website visitors. They can be presented in a number of different ways, such as subtle movements, smooth animation between sections, full-blown visuals and a parallax effect.

Drop Shadows

Shadows in web design have become highly popular with the advent of Material Design. Using drop shadows on design elements will add smooth shading that creates a realistic look, depth and dynamism within your website layout.

Multimedia Elements

You can use multimedia elements to create a breath-taking interactive experience for your website visitors that blends reality with the virtual world. An example of these is 360 experiences that can be used via mouse movements, moving your phone around or with VR headgear.

3D Models 

Audiences adore realistic designs, virtual tours and AI. This can be achieved with three-dimensional models that closely resemble real-life as they can be marvelled at and shared by website visitors and expand your audience.

Jazzy Colours

Colour has a very powerful impact on how we react to the things we see, so you should use colours that grab your readers’ attention and force them to engage with your content. Material design colour palettes, duotone and colour gradients are hot right now.

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