frustrated man

Steering in the Right Direction

frustrated man
Jeremy Harper runs a driving school (Jeremy Harper Driving School) and had been using the same web hosting company for some time.

Before his website got hacked he was receiving 3 or 4 enquiries a day, so when an online hacker got into his website, it goes without saying that this was having a negative impact on his business.

Each time Jeremy tried to get in touch with his web provider to ask them to  fix the problem, they either didn’t answer the phone, or weren’t able to resolve the issue.

Jeremy’s wife, Carol,  saw our advert in the Skircoat Green Directory and suggested he get in touch.

Mitch, one of our web guys, was able to help get to the route of the problem quickly and sort it out. Jeremy said, “I can’t sing Mitch’s praises enough. You can tell that you know exactly what you’re doing. Nothing was too much trouble. I’m back on track now, and I can concentrate on teaching people to drive. I’ve also just signed up to your cost effective annual plan that gives me piece of mind that if this ever happens again, thanks Digital Renovators, it feels good that you’ve got my back.”

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