Special Offer for Startups

For the past 5 years Digital Renovators has been lucky enough to help 100’s of businesses create a startup website, which looks like a million dollars (Well a £1,000 at least!) and start their business on the most professional footing.

Until 15th September we have a very special offer for people wanting a startup website. Simply pay the hosting fee for the year and we will build you a great 5 or 6 page website for free when you quote “startup”

What’s the catch?

Only one catch, this doesn’t apply to online e-commerce stores where the technology cost is a little more (Details on request).

Otherwise the hosting is £150 for the year, which works out at only £12.50 a month and for that we:

  • “Host” your website for 12 months. (The electricity that keeps it live on the internet)
  • Provide you with up to 5 email addresses, professionally linked to your website
  • Take a daily back up of your site which means we always have a recent copy should you accidentally delete it.
  • Keep all your software up to date twice a month (A bit like App updates on iphones or the dreaded microsoft updates on your laptop or PC)
  • Provide you with UK based support team (All in Halifax West Yorkshire) who can be reached via our website, Whatsapp, email or phone!
  • If your site or email should ever stop working, it’s one short call, text or WhatsApp to us and now its our job to resolve. No sitting around for an hour to a call centre who doesn’t know anything about your company or website.

Over 60 designs to choose from.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The same reason their isn’t just one car or one style of watch to choose from, you don’t want the same site design as everyone else.

With over 60 to choose from and an almost unlimited choice on colour schemes, we are confident you’ll find one that fits your business vision just perfectly.

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How to get going with your startup website

It’s really simple, you can either call us on 01422 375 034 WhatsApp us at 07759 778 920 or send us a message via the contact form and we’ll get you started and set up on the system within 5 minutes and walk you through exactly what we need to get moving.

Don’t worry if you feel out of your depth, we have helped 100’s of clients, many without a “technical” bone in their body…in their words, not ours.

Need a domain name (web address?) We have you covered and can sort that out in minutes and ensure you don’t miss out on the right web address for your website.

So for your free website worth over £500, just contact us today and get started with making your business a reality.