Get a £150 Website with our Easy Templates Package

“I want to get my new website up and running quickly.”

“I want to be able to make changes myself; I want full control.”

“I want something that looks beautiful, but I don’t have a big budget.”

These are the kinds of things we hear from our customers. If you want a website that is up to 5 pages, you want to have full control and you want to be able to make changes yourself then our ‘Easy Template’ websites are perfect for you!

The Easy Templates Package

  • Website (up to 5 pages)
  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Up to 5 professional email addresses
  • Security
  • SSL certificate
  • Short, easy-to-follow instructional videos

How it Works

  • Pick from one of our 20 beautifully-designed Easy Templates
  • We send you short, easy-to-follow instructional videos on how to create your website
  • Once you’re ready, we get you live!

OPTION 1: We set up the template for you. Using our instructional videos, you would then replace our text and images with your own. £150, all in – no hidden costs.

OPTION 2: If you would like us to add your text and images, then it’s the great price of only £250!

Check out some of our Easy Templates!

Get Your Easy Templates Package

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  • Are there any extra or hidden costs? No. The Easy Templates package gives you everything you need for a website including hosting, up to 5 emails, security, SSL certificate and more.
  • What do I need for a website to be live? You need 3 things for a website – a designed website, a domain and hosting. Your website is like your house, your domain is your address and hosting is your street.
  • What is hosting? Your website needs to be stored somewhere. This is where your website lives. Good hosting (like ours) has robust security and protects your website from nasty things like hackers and viruses.
  • Do I need hosting? Yes, without hosting your website will not be visible to the public.
  • Does this include hosting? Yes. The Easy Templates automatically come with hosting
  • Can you help me with the domain name? Yes. If you have a domain name purchased or need one, we can assist with that.
  • Are the instructional videos easy to follow? Yes. We provide you with a short easy-to-follow videos. The videos will match the template you’ve chosen, so it will look exactly the same.
  • If I start populating myself but can’t do it for whatever reason, can I ask you to do it for me? Yes, of course! We’re always happy to help. For an extra £100, we’ll be able to populate your content for you.

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