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New Look for Natural Cures

Digital Renovators are pleased to announce further enhancements on the website and the full International launch

The web design team have now completed the much-needed facelift and brought the site up to modern standards with a clean, crisp redesign that works well on mobile and desktops alike.

This is the latest in a large number of client wins for our Halifax web designers and is a testament to Digital Renovators growing reputation for build great looking websites quickly.

A spokesman for said “It’s incredible how quickly the whole project was completed. We had quotes from other companies for 5 times the cost and all were estimating significantly longer build times. We couldn’t be happier with the team and job Digital renovators have done”

“The natural health information on the site is amazing, our web design team really embraced the challenge of 1000’s of pages, complex information and did a superb job” said Lee Kenny CEO

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