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Digital Renovators Featured in Halifax Courier

Digital Renovators managing director, Lee Kenny, writes regularly for the Halifax Courier. He shares information and advice about running a successful business, informed by the knowledge he has acquired over the past 20 years, running multiple companies in Yorkshire, London and Australia.

Previously, he has spoken about Four tips for success he wish he had known 15 years ago, exploring proof of concept, networking, sales and more. For his latest article, Lee spoke about managing your business based on intelligence over intuition. He feels that the way forward for any business is to build on proven methods you can see have worked and planning months ahead to strive towards your goals.

Below is a snippet of the article, where Lee introduces the concepts he discusses in the article.

“As a business owner, I often make decisions based on gut-feel, intuition if you like. As a business owner, I often make decisions based on gut-feel, intuition if you like. It’s all part of risk-taking and has certainly served me well when deciding on a new venture. However, the past 20 years has also been about studying the numbers. It brings out the inner-geek in me! Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying “What gets measured, gets managed!” Many owners though manage their business by simply looking at what’s in the bank account today. While this helps with paying the bills, wages and other stuff it doesn’t provide a forward-looking view of how the business will perform in 1, 3, 6 or 12 months’ time… Read more

Digital Renovators is a web design agency based in Saville Park, Halifax. It specialises in the renovation and development of websites, to improve their profitability through better design content and landing pages. You can see some examples of the work we have done on our blog, showcasing just some of the websites we’ve had the privilege of working on.

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