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£99 with Free Hosting for a Year. Special Offer

In response to Covid-19 and the closure of many shops, restaurants and bars Digital Renovators has decided to offer all affected a deeply discounted offer with a new £99 website range.

To help make the whole process affordable, Digital Renovators will also waive the first years hosting, SSL certificate and security update fees, normally charged at £150 annually.

Clients can choose initially from 7 different styles with more to come as we look to help those businesses who have decided now is the time to ensure they are ready when the restrictions are lifted.

How it works?

  • You choose which of the 7 templates you would like
  • You provide some information and photos if you have them (we can guide you on exactly what and how many words)
  • We build the site on a private link for you to approve
  • Once you are happy it goes live on your domain.

How long does it take?

Once we have the words and images, we can usually turn it round within 48 hours, sometimes sooner.

What other costs are there?

  • None for the website for the first year. In 12 months time, £150 will be due for the 2nd years hosting and security updates
  • If you don’t have a web address already, we can provide one to you for £10

The only exception is if you really cannot write the wording yourself and need one of the team to help, we will charge a small fee for their additional time

Are the websites any good?

We certainly think so, here’s your initial choices:

Example 1 – Click Here

Example 2 – Click Here

Example 3 – Click Here

Example 4 – Click Here

Example 5 – Click Here

Example 6 – Click Here

Example 7 – Click Here

But I don’t like Green/Blue, etc. Can I change it?

Yes, you can change any of the colours and images. You need to use roughly the same amount of words used on the templates (Which we’ll be able to confirm how many each section has when you’ve chosen) to keep them looking good

Can I add more pages later?

Absolutely. We’ll even provide you with a video on exactly how to do it yourself to keep your costs down.

How do I Sign Up?

Contact us on [email protected] initially with your email address and phone number and one of the team will contact you asap to get the ball rolling


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